American living in Spain, recently back from a year at home in the states, I´m once again a stay at home mom to Emma and Kate.   Married to a funny guy who I can never stay mad at, we share a love for family and seeing the world.  Step-mom to Reggie, expat american dog living out his senior years with two feisty little girls whom he adores.  

After years of living in Spain, we decided to move back to the states and experience life ¨abroad¨.  A year of reunions, family time, and many a missed tradition, we realized our home was neither here nor there.  We decided to return to Spain permanently and have been happily adjusting since.  I miss my other home always, but make a point to visit as much as I can.   Fascinated by differences in culture, traditions, ways of life and living, I´m here to share thoughts, observations, and maybe a rant or two,´s always good to vent!




  1. cagedimages (Kate)August 1, 2014 at 11:00 AM

    Hi - have been following your instagram posts as we are likely moving to spain mid next year so look forward to hearing more about your experiences!

    1. Hi Kate! What part of Spain are you moving to? Love to hear from you!

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